Fort Knox PB4 Personal Handgun Safe

Fort Knox PB4 Personal Handgun Safe is very secure and you can put multiple things into it. The thickness of steel is good. Heavy-duty steel shell and door deadbolt lock concealed hinge, recessed door. It has mechanical features so you can set your own combination. Really simple to use. You can even reset your combination as many times. It has a simplex mechanical lock which is user-friendly with 1081 user combinations.

Fort Knox PB4 Personal Handgun Safe gives you ample of space and its design for compact things as well as multiple things as it comes in different sizes. Fort Knox PB4 Personal Handgun safe is not a biometric system, for extra security we recommend you to use biometric or fingerprint gun safe. Its weight is 13lbs and Dimensions are 12x 5 x 9.5 inches. The Fort theologian Personal small-arm safe is simply because the name says. It’s sufficiently big for one small-arm and a few accessories. The absolutely carpeted interior helps cushion the piece and keeps it stable within.

Fort Knox PB4 Personal Handgun Safe door open in the front for easy access. It also secures your personal valuable things. It can hold your handgun also. You can also place Knox PB4 Personal Handgun Safe under beneath your bed.

There is one main distinction between this safe and therefore the Fort theologian PB1:

The door on this personal small-arm safe is found within the front of the safe rather than the highest of the safe. You’ll get to contemplate wherever you intend on storing the safe and the way you’ll be accessing it.

Fort Knox PB4 Personal Handgun Safe is healthier for storing it in a part with the less vertical house. The opposite choice needs a far larger vertical house to elevate the lid open. If you want to learn more about gun safes and accessories, visit .

Yes, you can also use it in your car, but this is not purely designed for car, you better check some under seat vehicle gun safe.

You might be ready to add one box of ammunition to the within of the safe in conjunction with your piece, looking on the scale.

The safe options a ten gauge steel created frame (similarly to the opposite Fort theologian piece box) and therefore the door may be a very little thicker at nearly four inches. This ensures that nobody will break open the safe once it’s barred down with the mounting instrumentality that has been provided. It’s a solid safe!

The exterior has additionally been powder coated for mounting the safe in your automotive or anyplace that has high wetness or lots of water in the air. This ensures that rust ne’er sets in which the outer shell is protected against injury, ought to the safe expertise any style of impact.

We advocate that you simply mount the safe to the bottom for further protection. Add another dimension to the protection options within the manner of weight and make sure that nobody can go away together with your safe.

You will receive a period of time warranty against any manufacturer defect once buying the safe. This is often one in all the final word signs of confidence from the makers because the Fort Knox PB4 Personal Handgun Safe already commands an upscale north.

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