Beat Box

Parents all over moan and roll their eyes, wondering where they went wrong when their child utters these words, “I am going to be a rapper.” They wouldn’t if you didn’t give up your education, didn’t celebrate idiots and embrace the drug culture. Consider this…

If you are a rapper to be, a spitter of prose or call yourself a lyricist may I suggest you try harder. If your music contains the words “Nigga” or some derivative, “F@ck” or “Btch” it is a fail. It is weak. Profanity is as appealing as vanity. If you want to last or succeed tell a story.

Use your gift to be clever and make a point. Intelligence is still sexy. Words can be manipulated, articulated and simply stated to do a variety of things. Do something.


I attended a 16th century play the day called “the Heir Apparent”. It was a comedic play that rhymed. It was updated, and translated from French into English and still was funny. Every part and every act was a rap without the music. This thing, as corny as it was, has survived longer than your latest YouTube attempt. You have the skills, just not the exposure to what can be done with your gift.

I think I am a good judge of what is good and what crap is. I have been around since the creation of Hip Hop. I love music. If you do, you’ll work harder at making what you do last. It is my prayer that the Lord save me from another young brother with a mix tape and no message.

Speaking of spitting, here is a guy making a living doing Beat Box…