The Book They Didn’t Know What To Do With

Get your autographed copy of the book that launched my career as a pro-gun activist known internationally as the Black Man With A Gun. Not since Robert F. Williams wrote “Negroes With Guns” in 1968 has anybody tried anything like this.


I almost got kicked out of a pulpit as a young minister when it was published. Oprah’s book club said they didn’t want to promote it. A former African American book store in Maryland wouldn’t carry it (it subsequently has gone out of business).

I have tried everything. My mother has sold it to her friends at her job. (She was so proud.) This book has been reviewed by the National Rifle Association magazine, the American Rifleman, they have been sold by the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America. They are on

I even gave a free copy to Rev. Al Sharpton after being on his show. A friend had me send one recently to the Chicago police superintendent after a crazy remark he made confusing the Black Codes and gun rights.

You can get yours here and help me keep this site and all that I do going.

It’s a timeless, easy to read primer on gun ownership, the history of gun control, insights and suggestions for handling the controversial subject of guns from a former federal firearms instructor, US Marine veteran, and one of the most audacious gun activist of color.

The book will be sent in a priority mail envelope via the US Postal service. Originally the book sold for $16.95 and is still available on Amazon.Com. (although it still comes from me)

You can get your signed for only $5 plus the USP shipping of $4.95 per copy.…